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Carbon Lucy, the band that made Stalin cry
About Carbon Lucy

This is the new homepage for Carbon Lucy, the bluesier spinoff of the legendary international rockers based in Lithuania, the Bombshelters. The site is still under construction, so bear with us while we adapt.
Upcoming shows:
Thursday, April 24, Zaltviskle, Pilies St., Vilnius old town (near the tower). Brief appearance at a blues jam. Should be good.
Saturday, April 27, Smukle Pub, Antokolskio 2, Vilnius (next to Markus Ir Ko and not far from the Stiklai hotel, in the old town). Show starts at 8 p.m.
Wednesday, May 1, Prie Universiteto Pub, Dominikonu street, in Vilnius. Show starts sometime after 8 p.m.
Thursday, May 24, Zaltviskle, Pilies St, Vilnius. We're one of 2-3 acts that night but should be a ball-busting show. Come on out. The action starts around 8-ish.

The band has gone through a whole lotta shit, but we're bouncing back and currently assimilating new equipment, new repertoire chock full of slide blues, napalm guitar attacks and blues classics older than the A-bomb, with some of our original repertoire that still fits our new socks. Ciao for now and keep the fanmail comin!

Contact us at for more info about band dates, tour info, CDs and webpage fanaticism.

good pic of pete wailing away in Vilnius

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"rather be buried in a cypress grove than to have some woman, Lord, that i can't control" -- Skip James, 1930

"It's my A.D.D. that's got ninety-seven channels/ Not a one of em are good, 'cept the violin in Charlie Daniels" -- C.L.

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